Enough is Enough!!!!

Let's face it life is NOT what you see in the movies. When Forest Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you NEVER know what you're going to get." It was not until many years later that I truly understood just what that quote meant. When I was young I had life completely figured out, I knew what I wanted to be, I knew my exact path, and then BOOM here comes life and his bag of bullshit. I HAD NO IDEA what was in store for me. Being young, I adapted what I thought was best by simply putting it away in my hurt locker and never speaking of it again. Of course in the way that life handles things we are dealt, it all came back to me, and when it hit I was over 35 married with two kids and I had become that woman that was on the edge.


So here I am now still figuring out my life, still going through things, and all the while relying on this certain group of women that I have formed a bond with. It's like a beautiful gift underneath the Christmas tree, the paper is a gorgeous shade of gold, with paisley velvet designs that are raised up on the pattern that is in a slightly darker shade of gold, the ribbons are a cream color with gold leaf accents that slightly mimic the paper design, and on the top is the most gorgeous over the top bow you have ever seen, the card attached to the bow is written in calligraphy words that read's "Merry Christmas, wishing you all the best, Love Karen." STOP, it was at this exact moment when you pause and you say to yourself " Karen???" (If your name is Karen get out of your feelings) We all know Karen comes with what seems like a ummm certain negative energy, and NOTHING good comes from her. That should have been your first clue in life that things were about to take a nasty turn for the worst. One thing that I have noticed is that there is ALWAYS clues, it's as if life is leaving us bread crumbs to be able to find our way back to who we really are, but we have been so absorbed in life, in things, and people that we walk right over the bread crumbs as if they were never there. Be honest in this next question, How many times have you ignored the clues, and did not realize it until it was too late? I will go first... ME now at my age I am figuring it out. I now know that Enough is ENOUGH.

New year, New you, New beginnings......

Let's do a 30-day quest. Each day think of a new way to handle ANY situation, If you are someone that is easy to anger find a new word to use (NOT A BAD WORD) instead of your normal response.

I challenge you to find the best part of yourself. I challenge you to let go of things that you have been holding onto.

I challenge you to NO longer allow someone to have access to your POWER. Reclaim what is yours. ( THAT DOES NOT MEAN RETALIATION)

Allowing someone to take control of your power, they have the keys to YOU. You have allowed this person to walk into your sanctity and FREELY and WILLING walk away with all your shit. (THIS DOES NOT MEAN DO WHAT O.J. (you know OJ, white bronco, Cali freeway,) DID AND ROB THE PEOPLE WHO STOLE FROM YOU AT GUN POINT..)


Below is a list that I recently found and I plan on using it during this 30-day quest. Everything I ask of you I will do myself, I would never let you walk alone, because if you are reading this, then somewhere inside this post is reaching you, it is igniting a spark, and by the end of this 30-day quest, we will have a fire going. (NO WE'RE NOT BURNING ANYTHING DOWN, THIS IS ALL ON THE INSIDE)



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