Here's the TEA!!!!

First I want to apologize for not posting in a few months. When life seems to hit it seems to all crumble at once. Except for me, life seems to just have a series of unfortunate events that seem to follow my daily life. But fear not my beauties, all of the hot and steamy things you have been waiting for IS HERE... Well not in this post but in the next few weeks all will be well again in the land, and you shall have your bellies filled with the latest. TRUST ME YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS.


Parts 3,4,5,6 and 7 will also be posted as well. Also, mental health will be a big topic coming that I will be posting about as well. This time I have the perspective of both parties, including a talk from the families affected by those that suffer from mental health issues. The stigma that surrounds the topic, and the feelings of guilt and shame that can also accompany these feelings. With a surprise guest that I am sure will knock your socks off.

Mom's I can not forget about you as well I have been working on adding a private section just for all of the things that can come with the joys of being a mom.

BOOK READERS........If you love to read and you are interested in creating a super awesome book club leave a comment below about some of your favorite books and we can get this started.

Last but NOT LEAST. I just want to thank everyone that has reached out to me looking for updates, the support means so much. I have so many things coming up and I am excited to share ALL of this greatness. Also If you have my mobile number that ends in 8643, please in the chatbox or email me your number. A lot of my contacts were not transferred, so before you call my NEW number talking trash to me and telling me I dropped off the earth. RELAX and NAMASTE.

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