Well SHIT here it is....

Well let me start off by saying this is completely out of the norm for me. But here I

am venting to the world about my issues and here you are reading about them, but let me clear CRYSTAL CLEAR, don't you dare start saying "Oh man i feel sorry that she is going through this." NO I AM ADJUSTING. Life is not perfect, and if someone tells you there life is, IT'S A LIE, so " Oh ok" and run away as fast as you can from them. I created this blog to talk about my journey of vision loss and the highs and lows of this journey. When I started looking for a support group of women that were in my same shoes, you know vision loss, low vision, blindness I could not find anything. So i am leaving a guide for those that are experiencing the same thing, or even a mother that has a child that is either blind or has low vision. I am about to give you the most guarded and heavily well kept secret on how to handle things in your life. Remember you can not let this get out, the key secret is LET IT GO!!! BOOM holding onto things in life does not hurt the other person, it only hurts you. While they are sound asleep in their bed probably snoring and drooling, what are you doing? I'll tell you what your doing, your up thinking about it, wondering how in the sam hell could they have said that or done that to you. I have learned that people take bring you down are a negative( just like in school) and what does a negative do? TAKE AWAY. To often we give people the power to have control over our life, you allow them to steal your joy, your peace, your happiness and while you are falling apart they seem to be enjoying life skipping their happy feet all through the town. In this blog i will talk on my journey and how it has affected me, my ups and downs and highs and the lows that almost took my life away. Life for me ain't been no crystal stairs. So if your ready to laugh, cry, ponder, meditate and just take this journey all I ask is that you subscribe to my blog so I can know who my friends are that way if you need help I can be there. Thanks again for stopping bye.


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